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How much does linkedhub cost?

linkedhub is completely free while we are in beta! Once we officially launch we will offer a free plan plus paid plans.

What is a enrollment?

Enrollment is shorthand for sequence enrollment. Every time a person is enrolled into a sequence that is 1 enrollment.

A LinkedIn search with 500 people would require 500 enrollments to get everyone from the search into a sequence.

A sequence can be several messages dripped over the course of many months. So it is important to know that a enrollment is much more then a single message.

How can I get more enrollments?

Our premium plans gives you 2400 enrollments. Using all 2400 enrollments would max out your monthly allowed activity on LinkedIn. Going beyond 2400 enrollments would Violate LinkedIn's limit which means they may suspend your ban your account.

LinkedIn also has a maximum daily activity limit. linkedhub will max out your daily activity limit without violating it, so you are safe but getting the maximum value out of your LinkedIn account.

I have concerns about my data and security

It is important to note that linkedhub is a chrome extension. This means we are governed by Google and only permitted to perform actions they allow.

linkedhub requests the ability to read/write on LinkedIn because we are essentially a automated copy&paste tool. This is how we send LinkedIn messaging.

linkedhub requests access to your HubSpot account. All HubSpot accounts have a API Key. The purpose of a API Key is to allow other programs to access HubSpot. They work exactly like a password, at any time you can reset your API Key thus disconnecting linkedhub or other programs.

May I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can change or cancel your plan at any time by going to: settings > plans & billings > Manage plans & billings. Once you have cancelled, you'll still have access to your paid plan until the end of your subscription month.

How do I send you my debug log?

If you run into a error while using linkedhub we may ask you to send us your debug log. Don't worry this is very easy, nothing technical. Here is a video on how to do it: Send debug log to Abram

A little help please

Well you’re in luck – we love to help our customers! There are two ways to get in touch:
1) Chat with us in real time using the chat button in the bottom right hand corner on any linkedhub page.
2) Send an email to