September 19, 2018

What’s new since LinkedHub 2.0 Launched

by Abram Popov
2.0 launched in July with a completely new design and contact syncing feature, but that was just the beginning.

New features and long standing requests like ‘Let me change my email’ are now being satisfied! Read on to learn about all the latest LinkedHub updates or check out this video:

Request features, give feedback, and vote on what’s most important.

Since day one, there has been some amazing feedback and feature requests. Now there is a location to store this feedback, report bugs, and upvote the features. You can visit the feedback center through this link: LinkedHub Feedback.

Profile, email, VAT

A dedicated profile section now exists. Details from your profile like VAT will automatically populate on your receipts. The ability to update your email is also included. You can count on this email being used for all LinkedHub communication including receipts, customer support, and general updates.

Sync button and side panel

It’s now possible to relocate the sync button anywhere on the page. Hover your mouse over the sync button and a click and drag icon will appear. Likewise, allow your mouse to hover over a property label in the side panel to reorder your properties.

Upgrade, downgrade, receipts

Upgrading and downgrading your account no longer require you to send a email. Switching between plans just takes a click. Payment history and all your receipts are available to be viewed or downloaded anytime within the plans & billing page.

Date picker, multi-select, and more.

All HubSpot properties are now supported including the date picker, multi-select, multi-line text, and everything in between. So things like selecting a persons birthday can now be done from a calendar interface within LinkedHub.

That’s it for now. More updates to come so make sure to upvote the features you find important, or post you own ideas here: LinkedHub Feedback.