June 11, 2018

LinkedHub 2.0 is now available

by Abram Popov
A significantly improved version of LinkedHub is now available.

What’s changed?

Questions & Answers:

Q: Will LinkedHub 2.0 have sequences?
A: Sequences will remain within LinkedHub 1.0. In the very near future LinkedHub 1.0 will be re-branded to reflect it's new purpose as a sequence-only product. You can continue to use LinkedHub 1.0 to make use of the sequence feature. Along with the re-branding there will be several improvements to the sequence functionality and experience.

Q: Why are you separating into two products?
A: By separating the LinkedIn-HubSpot integration into its own product we can make it easier to use and more specialized. Because of this HubSpot is more likely to approve our app and make it available through the HubSpot app store.

Q: What is the cost of LinkedHub 2.0?
A: LinkedHub 2.0 is free and unlimited until August 1st, 2018. Any contacts synced during the free period will remain free even after August 1st. Pricing post August 1st:

Q: Should I cancel my 1.0 plan?
A: 1.0 is becoming a sequence only product. If you use sequences no action is required (i.e. do not cancel). If you have no interest in sequences, then yes cancel your subscription to 1.0. You can cancel by going to LinkedHub Settings > Plans & Billing > Manage Plans & Billing > Cancel.

Q: I have prospected many contacts using LinkedHub 1.0, what happens to these contacts?
A: Any contacts prospected using LinkedHub 1.0, will be maintained/synced by LinkedHub 2.0 for free. No special action is needed, simply install LinkedHub 2.0 and connect it to the same HubSpot account you used with 1.0.

Q: What other features are you building for LinkedHub 2.0?
A: Our feature build list is incredibly long for LinkedHub 2.0. In the near future we will be releasing a public feature request list. This will share what we are working on and what  features we are likely to build in the future.