June 23, 2017

How to set up team billing with virtual credit cards

by Abram Popov
Have you ever needed to upgrade an employee’s LinkedIn account? Or maybe your assistant needed a subscription to some nifty app?

If you have, you know that paying for an employee’s subscriptions can be a real nightmare. You could hand over your credit card details, manage reimbursement paperwork, or give up access to your own account—none of which are pleasant options.

Fortunately, all that has changed. You will never again have to give out sensitive information to pay for your team’s subscriptions. With virtual credit cards like Privacy, you can generate a shareable credit card number that can be turned off, limited, and tracked!

As the founder of a SaaS business, I’ve had a lot of users ask me how they can sign their team members up for my service. I always answer by sharing one of my best productivity hacks: virtual credit cards.Try it out for yourself.

Getting started is simple:
-Create a free account at Privacy’s website
-Connect your payment method
-Create a card and set an optional spending limit
-Share the card number with your team members