July 10, 2018

Dux-Soup Users Alert

by Abram Popov
If you are using Dux-Soup (a chrome extension for LinkedIn) you need to be alerted to their recent broad & sweeping permissions update.

Several weeks ago LinkedHub users noticed the LinkedHub extension was disabling on it's own! If they turned the LinkedHub extension back on it would disable again within only a few moments. This resulted in lost time for paying LinkedHub users and a great deal of confusion.

After testing for a number of causes it was discovered that Dux-Soup had specifically targeted LinkedHub and other LinkedIn extensions for disabling. They are able to accomplish this by including the permission to 'manage all extensions' upon install. After install they silently disable the extensions of their competitors.

Here is a video:


The solution is to manually disable Dux-Soup. Go to your manage extensions screen(same screen as in the video above) and just manually click the disable button on Dux-Soup.

Special thanks to Kevin from Tell & Train for helping me discover this issue.