June 29, 2017

3 Must-Have Automation Tools for HubSpot CRM Users

by Abram Popov
If you’re in sales, you know that every second you save can help you meet your targets...

If you’re looking to be more efficient and effective, these three HubSpot CRM automation tools are meant for you!

Sequences - Automated Follow-Up
How often do you set a reminder for yourself to follow up with a lead? And what are you leaving on the table if you forget to set one up? HubSpot Sequences was designed with this problem in mind.

Instead of creating another item for your to-do list, you can schedule a personalized email to be sent automatically! To make things even more effortless, you can create a sequence of email with multiple reminders.

Here’s what that looks like:

Meetings - Automated Scheduling
Don’t make your prospects work to schedule a sales call! Your goal as a salesperson is to make the journey from non-customer to customer as smooth as possible.

One of the big hurdles in this journey is scheduling a sales call, but that problem is now solved. HubSpot Meetings takes all the friction out of scheduling by automatically searching through your calendar to find all available times and presenting them to your prospect.

Check out this image of HubSpot Meetings in action:

HubSpot Meetings.png

Prospects - Automated Prospecting
How much time do you spend tracking down the right people to contact? If you’re anything like me, you probably felt like it takes up way too much time! Thankfully, HubSpot Prospects can do a lot of the prospecting for you.

HubSpot Prospects reveals information about your website visitors to help you know who to reach out to. It even gives you an easy way to narrow down the list by showing you who has visited your site most frequently and the specific pages they looked at. You can use this tool to track down your warmest prospects by seeing who made more than one visit to your pricing page.

Here’s what it looks like:

HubSpot Prospects.png

Focus on the Human Side of Sales
Here’s to automating the tedious parts of sales so we can spend more time on the most important part: human to human conversations!